Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere (AUT) create intimate and relaxed concerts and cross-genre cultural events, that also foster open dialogue, exchange and networking. We want to emphasise the audience’s role in the adventure, and our regular events provide our members and the public with oppurtunities to hear new music in such diverse places as the comfort of a private living room, under a railway bridge on the outskirts of the city, or at one of the more traditional cultural venues in Aarhus.

AUT is a nonprofit organisation for sound arts founded in 1966.

AUT has for many years been an important part of the music scene in Aarhus, with a focus on a broad repertoire of both local and international sounds.

AUT works actively to support local ensembles and initiatives, as well as creating new oppurtunities for young and contemporary sound arts in Aarhus and Denmark.

AUT is led by a diverse group of practicing artists, mirroring the lively milieu surrounding the sound arts in Aarhus.

AUT often work in partnership with other cultural institutions that professionally produce sound art in Aarhus and Denmark, such as Ensemble LydenskabAarhus SinfoniettaDen Jyske OperaILT FestivalAmbassaden, and SNYK, as well as the composition departments at the local conservatory, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium.

AUT is based at Aarhus’ new independent cultural hub Godsbanen.

Frederik Sakham (chairman)
With roots in Jazz, improvisation and classical music, Frederik has, after studies in Aarhus and Paris, realised that genre borders are for loosers and good music is for winners. Therefore he is passionate about arranging concerts that present good music, no matter what label has been or will be put on the music.
Anna Jalving is a danish violinist and performer and a graduate from Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. In her work she is exploring the border between classical/contemporary and improvised music.
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Magnus Møller
Currently residing in Aarhus, Magnus Plejdrup studies composition with teacher Niels Rønsholdt, working mostly with fellow pre-conservatory students.
Sofie Gerup
Sofie is both an inspiring double bass player and composer. She is currently studying composition in Aarhus.