11.11.22 - GÁTT Festival, nov 11-13 @ Koncertkirken

GÁTT Nordic Arts festival.
11-13th November 2022.

Interdisciplinary nordic art and music festival at Koncertkirken in CPH.
AUT is the proud co-producer of this festival!
Keep updated about the details at GÁTT’s webpage  https://gattfestival.com
Friday 11/11
18.00 Kom inn um GÁTT – Festival Opening
18.00 – 22.00 Frúgv – Exhibition
Anna Jarosz, Artist on the Moon, Lil Lacy, Lisen Pousette, Maria Tórgarð,
Tiia Kasurinen, Vár Árting
20.00 Ruumis:
Ruumis is a performance event dealing with the body in many forms of expression. The pieces visit the themes of transformation, resilience and playfulness.
Ruumis (Finnish) = body; corpse; cadaver
Performing Artists:
Josuè Blanco Balaguer, Jacob Ridderberg, Mittens, Tiia Kasurinen, Tytti Arola, Yanina Aspenkjær
Saturday 12/11
14.00 Spejling:
An atmospheric concert that reflects contrasts of structures, belonging, darkness and light.
Spejling (Danish) = reflection; mirroring
Performing Artists:
Elina Ijäs, Josuè Blanco Balaguer, Lil Lacy, Martin Langerød, Yanina Aspenkjær
16.00 Roots:
Panel discussion on cultural roots and international collaboration.
Roots (English) = rætur; røtter; røtur; rødder; ruohttasat; rötter; juuret
21.00 Ruohttasat:
Electroacoustic performances with string instruments, voice and electronic club music.
Ruohttasat (North Sámi) = roots
Performing Artists:
Lil Lacy, Lisen Pousette, Tytti Arola, TØNDRA, virate.me
Sunday 13/11
12.00 Morsmål
An informal reading event accompanied with coffee and chats. The readings will be in the mother tongue of whomever is reading. Everyone is welcome to bring a book and take part or just listen.
Morsmål (Norwegian) = mother tongue; native language
13.00 Art+activism:
Art+activism is a workshop on artivism, a practice that combines art and activism. The workshop introduces two artistic tools Louhivuori and Halonen have developed in order to rethink how to plan and execute artivist actions.
16.00 Tillsammans:
Tillsammans is an event that facilitates the possibility to explore and test new ideas and work in progress in the presence of an audience. A space to collaborate and improvise to end the multidisciplinary festival GÁTT Nordic Arts Festival.
Frúgv (Continuous program):
Friday 11.11. – Sunday 13.11.2022
A diverse collection of installations that have a common thread of femininity – a journey from norse mythology to postmodern life.
Opening hours:
Friday 18:00 – 22:00
Saturday 17:00 – 23:00
Sunday 12:00 – 18:00
Frúgv (Faroese) = married woman; unmarried woman; queen [cards and chess] [language of old ballads].
Anna Jarosz, Artist on the Moon, Lil Lacy, Lisen Pousette, Maria Tórgarð, Tiia Kasurinen, Vár Árting