04.12.11 - Christmas Music


Julekoncert arrangeret af AUT på Granhøj, Aarhus.

About “Snow in my Router”:

“Snow in my router” is based on the artist’s conceptions of purity, interaction, and the aspect of mechanical single-mindedness and bitwise thinking, versus the human understanding of dynamics and development.
By playing with unsolicited and unprepared movements, an impression of the intuitive way in which the work was born is hopefully preserved.
The work is mostly inspired by the sound of a dialling network router, but also crystalized constructions, electronic communication, data travel in general. The simplicity and dynamics of neon tubes and halogen bulbs might also have influenced the piece.

Mads Engell is currently studying Electronic Composition at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. His main line of work is in programmed and improvised music with influences from genres such as minimalism, noise, onkyo, and artists such as Toshimaru Nakamura, Maja Ratkje and Klaus Filip.

About: ”Beneath the bells”:

The piece is based upon speculations on what it would sound like if bells so deep in pitch they were audible only as rhythms played the first four bars of the Christmas song Jingle Bells stretched over eight minutes. Added to these are the resonances of higher pitched bells and together they form both the entire architecture of the piece and the tone material. Although the atmosphere is obviously not very festive, “Beneath the bells” can be thought of as Christmas music in its most recognizable form seen through a magnifying glass or a microscope.

Árni Freyr Gunnarsson graduated as a pianist from the Reykjavík College of Music in 2008 and got a soloist’s diploma from the Iceland Academy of the arts two years later, where he is currently studying composition. He has composed music for various occasions outside the concert hall, e.g. theatre, television and so on. In Denmark Árni’s music was most recently heard in the UNM festival in Copenhagen, 2011.

About “All I Want For Christmas Is Zombie Apocalypse”:

A Christmas piece that for once deals with themes such as death, resurrection, destruction, evil etc. Once the snow starts falling, the journey away from the angry mob can begin…

Birk Egense lives in Aarhus where he is studying musicology and sociology at the university. He likes baked goods and Anton Webern.

About “Terribly Cold and Nearly Dark”:

A setting consisting of opposed musical “scenes” which resembles the aesthetics of cinematography through a dramatic narrative.

Henrik Budde (1982)

A Danish composer finishing his composition studies at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus in the summer 2012.

Music composed for concert, film and TV. Furthermore conductor of The Chamber Choir Cantilena and The Chamber Orchestra of Hobro.