12.07.21 - Sound painter Knud Viktor – Between technology and nature – Exhibition @ Aros

AUT have initiated “Sound painter Knud Viktor – Between technology and nature”, to be presented at ARoS Public. The project will include sound installations, and a series of scheduled events including: live concerts, film screenings, listening sessions, talks and social events. See the separate events for more information on ARoS Public events during the period 12. July– 30. July 2021.


Åbningsreception + Knud Viktors film: Akvarel og Boblerne

Historien om Knud Viktors lille hornugle (for børn)

Reflection by Morten Søndergaard on Knud Viktor and lectures

Danmarkspremiere: Images VII og Animalia III

Finissage: Ephemeral Sound Sculptures


The permanent exhibition consists of:

Three original sound sculptures are presenting Knud Viktor’s oeuvre on the 3rd floor:
● The bamboo speakers from Le Jardin Planétaire will be planted in a ground of soil, playing ‘Les Petits sons’
● Nestling Pellets was built as a human-sized sculpture, to immerse the public in the soundscape ‘Le Petit Duc’
● Losonnante, a bone conduction listening device, will play sounds from different works such as Images, Ambiances or Les Éphémères
Entrance for the exhibition and events is gained by normal Aros entrance ticket, if nothing further is specified in the events.