14.11.19 - Ocean of Sound #3 Andreja Andric

Ocean of Sound #3: Andreja Andric

November 14th at 9pm (doors open 8am) @ Radar, Godsbanen

Entry fee: 80 kr – free for members of AUT

We’re happy to continue our series of concerts ‘Ocean of Sound’ i collaboration with Radar.

For this third edition we are very excited to present the composer Andreja Andric. Andrea is a very unique figure as a composer, since he beside his artistic work is a professionel computer programmer.


The works grouped in this concert examine, align and confront in different ways aspects and interrelations between two very different creative forces. First of them is represented by computer generated processes, structures and textures, and the second human intuition, energy and physicality. In each of the works these two sources of musical expression and development are juxtaposed or fused in a different way, revealing a contrasting series of pristine, dynamic and complex sound worlds.


The concert will present seven pieces of Andreja’s chamber music work as a complement to his electronic solo shows:


1. Missa Simplex (soprano and bells, 2019)

2. Crossings (violin, flute, guitar, 2000)

3. Chasm (double-bass and sopranino recorder, 2018)

4. Night Walk (guitar and computer and an improvising drummer, 2016)

5. Interleaved Sequence (violin solo, 2017)

6. YT Concerto (violin, flute, double-bass and computer, 15′, 2019)

7. Swing (ukulele duo, Jakob and Andreja, 8′, 2018)


Three of the works on the list are world premieres (Missa Simplex, Chasm and Swing), two are Danish premieres (Crossings and Interleaved Sequence). All works but one (Crossings) came to be in the past three years. Two works on the list include electronics (Night Walk and YT Concerto). The concert also, in the last work Swing, gently introduces ukulele into art music.



Ditte Maria Mølgaard – voice

Anna Sakham Jalving – violin

Marie Sønderskov – flute

Jakob Bangsø – guitar and ukulele

Christian Windfeld – percussion

Frederik Sakham – double bass

Andreja Andric – ukulele, laptop

The concert is supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune & KODA Kultur