21.05.17 - OMA – Operatic Mass Actions – Meet & Greet Brunch

Opera brunch and panel debate

coOPERAtion is a community-based production and development platform for opera initiated by AUT in 2012. coOPERAtion frames an artistic meeting where we’re exploring and rethinking opera as a comtemporary form of art. Here the affiliated composers meet ensembles, artists, producers and theorists from a broad cross-art field. During the ILT Festival 2017 we are concluding coOPERAtion with OMA – Operatic Mass Actions, where our many participating artists will be performing opera in Aarhus urban space on Saturday May 20th.

Subject for panel debate:
Opera as an art form is being experimented intensely with in these years. IIt is a love-hate relationship where the young artists seize the idea of the ”gesamtkunstwerk” and create new hybrid, provocative and moving tales about human life.

During the project coOPERAtion 2012-2017, AUT has invited a number of young artists to offer their version of how to rethink opera as an art form.

Taking this practice-based course of development as the point of departure we invite you to an informal and impassioned discussion about opera and art in public spaces. Our panel will offer an international perspective to the debate and place the project within a wider context.

Arnbjörg Danielsen: Founder and artistic manager of Far North, Island. www.farnorth.is
Holger Bergmann: Managing director of Fonds Darstellende Künste, Germany. www.fonds-daku.de
Erik Exe Christoffersen: Ass. professor, Dep. of Dramaturgy, AU. www.cc.au.dk/om-instituttet/medarbejdere/
Annika B. Lewis: Performing artist, choreographer, creative consultant. http://www.annikalewis.dk/
Line Tjørnhøj: Composer and artistic manager. http://www.edition-s.dk/da/composer/line-tjørnhøj

Practical information:
Place: Kedlen, Godsbanen, Skovgårdsgade 3
Fee for participation incl. large brunch buffet from ”Spiselauget”: DKK 50
Sign up on the ticket link and recive more information.

Contact: Coordinator Tina Gønge, tel.: (+45) 21 83 31 02 / mail: tina@1til1produktion.dk

The opera brunch is arranged by AUT in collaboration with Performing Arts Platform: www.theplatform.dk

”Rethink Grand Opera – Operatic Mass Actions” is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation Music Dramatic Committee, The Aarhus 2017 Foundation, Aarhus Municipality, The Augustinus Foundation, Nordic Culture Point’s Culture and Art Programme, Aarhus Film Workshop, and Åbne Scene, Godsbanen.
”Rethink Grand Opera – Operatic Mass Actions” is produced in cooperation with ILT17 Festival, Aarhus University’s Department for Dramaturgy, and the platform non-space.