06.09.22 - OPEN CALL for participation in GÁTT November 9th-13th @ Koncertkirken

OPEN CALL for Aarhus based composers and sound artists to get payed participation in trans-nordic festival and network event GÁTT November 9th-13th!

See more info about the application in bottom of the text.

What is GÁTT Nordic Arts Festival?

Artists from the Nordic artist community GÁTT is arranging the multidisciplinary art event GÁTT Nordic Arts Festival at ‘KoncertKirken’ in Copenhagen from November 9th through 13th of 2022. The festival emphasizes collaboration and experimentation, presenting both the merging of disciplines as well as individual voices of young Nordic artists. The festival is a facilitator for participating artists to experiment and explore new territories and means of artistic expression.

The Nordic artist community GÁTT emerged from the initiative ‘Platform GÁTT’, a project started in 2019 by the Nordic Council of Ministers where art festivals and institutions (Reykjavík Arts Festival, Helsinki Festival, Festspillene in Bergen, Nordic House in Tórshavn and Nuuk Nordic) invited young and emerging professional artists from the entire Nordic region to meet, have workshops, showcase art and collaborate. The artists involved in the initiative are arranging this festival as an independent continuation of the project.

The GÁTT Nordic Arts Festival will be a multidisciplinary art event at ‘KoncertKirken’ in Copenhagen. The core concept is for the festival to be a platform for participating artists to collaborate, experiment and explore new means of artistic expression across disciplines. The artists involved in organizing the festival and creating and presenting new works are from Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Sápmi, and represent a wide spectrum of different artistic fields and practices. With the multidisciplinary intervention to the space, presenting everything from sonic art to performances, installations and exhibited works, GÁTT Nordic Arts Festival hopes to be a catalyst for new perspectives that will positively impact the local cultural scene in Copenhagen and Denmark, future cross-collaborations, and artistic practices.

A common ground for every artist involved is the will to work and experiment together. The festival aims to present both the individual voices of the artists, and what rises in the meetings, interactions or collisions between the different fields. An equally important part of the project is the dialogue and collaboration in the processes of making the festival. One goal is to find ways to continue the artistic and collegial encounters within the artist community GÁTT and with other Nordic artists, and GÁTT Nordic Arts Festival is hopefully the first steppingstone of that bigger objective. The festival will also bring GÁTT to Denmark for the first time and will expand the network by inviting local artists and musicians from Aarhus to take part in the events.

The collaborative process and future perspectives

The festival is artist led, and a key objective is to collaborate both artistically and in planning and producing the festival. The initiative is all about collaborative processes. The GÁTT artists want to create a platform across disciplines and fields of art to enable young and promising Nordic artists to experiment and discover new approaches to art creation, production, presentation and dissemination that rises in these collaborative efforts and interactions. Not only will this strengthen the bonds between the participating artists, create important networks for future collaborations between the different Nordic countries, and enable the GÁTT community to collaborate more with Danish artists (Plattform GÁTT has institutional partners in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland, but not in Denmark) – it will also have a big impact on the artists’ own processes and perspectives on art making and collaboration.

The production days

There will be a series of different pieces, cross-artistic collaborations and experiments happening in the different spaces of ‘KoncertKirken’ from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon (11th to 13th). A large part of the performances and pieces will be premiered at the festival and will therefore form in the coming months. In the days leading up to the festival (9th to 11th) the artists will experiment and work together with production and preparation, which is essential for the whole project. For logistical reasons a lot of the programming must be done in advance, and a production group consisting of artists representing each field and with help from curator Daria Sol will steer the programming process on behalf of all artists up until November. Preproduction is mostly done digitally due to distance and to reduce travels.


09.11. – 11.11. / Preparation and production

11.11. – 13.11. / GÁTT Nordic Arts Festival

13.11. / Packing and cleaning

What will you get, and what will be expected of you

4 Aarhus based composers/creators of sound will join the 16 artists (dancers, film directors, composers, curators, musicians and many more) and will meet Wednesday November 9th, in KoncertKirken, CPH to prepare the festival, that will run afternoon Friday November 11th through Sunday November 13th, 2022.

At the KoncertKirken we are preparing for a larger sound system, dance floors, video projectors and screens. There will also be 4 great Aarhus based musicians (violin, viola, cello, contrabass) that can perform pieces by you Saturday November 12th. If you have existing pieces or ideas for new pieces for this constellation (all or some of the players), you can apply to have them performed at the festival. Also, you are welcome to perform the piece yourself or invite other musicians or artists to come and preform you work. We do not have extra money for extra performers, so this is something that should be covered by oneself.

The process of creating the program and arranging the festival is a collaborative effort where all involved artists equally share the different practical areas of development and managing.

We are divided into smaller groups focusing on Programming, PR, Economy, Logistics, Technical, Steering group and Planning of the rehearsal days. Through the development of the festival, we will get to know each other much better, and will broaden our perspective on how to create a festival together, as well as what this festival is and how we can collaborate in many ways.

To become part of this festival it is also expected that you will be actively involved in this process. You will become part of at least 2 groups and take part in the arranging of the festival.

There will be a salary of 6.000 DKK (incl. VAT) for each of the participating artist, for the artists from Aarhus there will also be 1.000 DKK for transportation to and from CPH. In total 7.000 DKK.

Accommodation and food are not covered, we hope you can stay with friends or family locally.

The venue, collaboration with AUT and vision

‘KoncertKirken’ is an open-minded and diverse cultural venue hosting a lot of experimental and alternative events across disciplines, and having the festival there is a great fit and gives an advantage in local outreach. The multidisciplinary character of the festival and venue will likely interest and engage a diverse and open-minded audience. Additionally, inviting local artists to participate and collaborating with AUT as an organization will help build important ties to the local cultural scene and community, and will hopefully open doors to local, art-interested groups. The artists want to create a festival that invites and includes a wide range of social and cultural communities in Nørrebro and Denmark, by reaching out through local collaborators and artists.

What to add in an application?

  • Please write in English.
  • 1 page application text (describe your idea or project for the festival and motivation to join the festival)
  • 1 page CV
  • ½ page short bio (who are you as an artist? What kind of art or music do you make or write)
  • 1-2 links to prior relevant works or pieces (sound or video+sound – score is optional)
  • 1-2 ideas for collaborative pieces or 1-2 finished pieces that could be performed at the festival.

Deadline to send in the application: September 6th

Where to send the application: autdk1966@gmail.com

Do you have qustions contact: autdk1966@gmail.com or call: +45 91 97 09 93