05.04.17 - Operatic Mass Actions – OMA (Music Meeting)

We want to share with you opera expirience and create operastories, narratives and stories together with you. We will explore with you singing, voice and musical narratives. It will be part os OMA – operativ mass actions a grand opera exploded in the middel of Aarhus city center.

We would like to get your insights, your reflections, and be inspired by you, to create a part of opera mass actions.


The meeting will be in the shape of a musical workshop, where an exchange takes place between us. We do not in any way expect you to be musical, but we do want to share our musical findings with each other.

The workshop would consist of us performing for you, sharing with you our understanding of voice and resonance, experimenting with you, and then gathering your reflections on our little presentations. All our work together – whether it is singing, thoughts, ideas, stories, sounds or even moves – during this workshop, we will blend into one continuous musical composition. This composition will be something we can all take with us, as our shared experience of our Musical Meeting in Aarhus.


Opera Mass Actions is dedicated to Aarhus Capital of Culture 2017 event. The idea of the event is to present new opera in public spaces. We, composer Ruta Vitkauskaite (LT/UK), and soprano singers Asa Nordgren (SW), are all trained, professional musicians with expertise in new opera creation and performance. We understand that the primary value of the public space is the public, and not the space. We are only visitors, and we would like your input. You, the people of Aarhus, are who make Aarhus and its spaces so special. So we would like to celebrate you in the first place, as part of Capital of Culture.

Event in May.


”Rethink Grand Opera – Operatic Mass Actions” is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation Music Dramatic Committee, The Aarhus 2017 Foundation, Aarhus Municipality, The Augustinus Foundation, Nordic Culture Point’s Culture and Art Programme, and Åbne Scene, Godsbanen.

”Rethink Grand Opera – Operatic Mass Actions” is produced in cooperation with ILT17 Festival, Aarhus University’s Department for Dramaturgy, and the platform non-space.