- Rethinking amplification

Open call 

This open call aims at developing the use of amplification as an artistic tool/expression in its own right!

The call is open to all applicants under the age of 40.

The piece has to be written for alto saxophone and classical guitar, and can be accompanied by interactive electronics, additional sound and/or the composer as a 3rd performer. The length should be between 15-25 minutes.

The pieces will mainly be judged on their innovative use of amplification.

There is no restriction on genre or esthetic.

The piece doesn’t necessarily need to be notated in a conventional musical score, but the artistic intention and execution of the piece need to be clear. The piece can contain open sections of improvisation, if it is in line with the pieces artistic idea.

2 pieces will be chosen.

Each chosen piece will have a production budget of up to 3.000 dkk.

To use on special equipment needed to perform the piece.

The composer/creator of a chosen piece will receive a fee of 10.000 dkk.

AUT covers travel costs up to 2.000 dkk. for each composer traveling to Aarhus to work on the chosen piece for the concert. AUT also covers 4 nights of accommodation in Aarhus.

Deadline for submission is November 16th 2020

The pieces will be chosen by the AUT board. The pieces will be judged anonymouslyso please slur or remove names from score/work description.

The submission has to be sent to aut@aut.dk and be in PDF-format. The piece can be accompanied by explanatory sound bits or videos, which have to be attached as hyperlinks in the submission.

The pieces will be performed December 6th @Radar, Aarhus.


Anja Nedremo – Alto saxophone

Jakob Bangsø – Classical guitar