14.07.19 - Liéux Live: Christian Windfeld – ROTUNDA

AUT is very proud to present this iconic work, by our local artist Christian Windfeld.

Christian has created a sonic hommage to the Rotunda WWI memorial site in Mindeparken, Aarhus. And as a part of AUT’s new branch of activities for site specific sound art – Liéux – we’re very happy to present this concert, where the record will be performed LIVE.
In addition to the music, poems will be recited by Karen Marie Troldborg.

To truly discover the magic of this place and avoid most of the car traffic, the concert will start at 06.00 AM.

For those who want, we’ll meet in front of Skt. Pauls Church at 05.30 AM and walk together to the Rotunda.

The concert is free and after the concert there will be a little breakfast (bread), so It would be nice to know approximately how many will be there. So if you sign up for the event via the tickets link, it would be a great help!


ROTUNDA is the second release by FØRSTEPERSONENTAL (first person singular). The 10” vinyl consists of two site specific compositions for snare drum recorded inside the rotunda at Mindeparken in Aarhus, Denmark. The compositions transcends the traditional sound of the snare drum working with resonance and overtones generated by musical drones and extended techniques. All of this is acoustic and naturally amplified in the rotunda, itself a giant drum shell. No effects or overdubs have been applied to the recording and the compositions work actively with the audio atmosphere and the unique reverberation and echo inside this perfectly round structure.
The rotunda in Mindeparken is a WWI memorial situated in a romantic landscape near the forest, the sea and the Queens summer residence on the outskirts of Aarhus. It is build into the rolling green hills and hidden in the panoramic view of the bay. The War it is put there to remember is also well hidden and very distant in most peoples consciousness as can be said by the contemporary high tech wars fought out by servicemen and women all over the world. ROTUNDA is a comment on this tendency and could in that regard be called a War Suite.
The most militarized instrument in history the (snare) drum is placed in the middle of a war memorial that seen from a flying drones perspective looks like a giant bullseye. The semi dried puddles on the floor are reminiscent of craters after an artillery raid. Also the compositions are inspired by these symbols; One piece by the sound of pounding howitzers the other by the sound of cruising drones in the distance.
Inside the rotunda in Aarhus there are four images and a poem carved into the sandstone wall. The Danish poet Karen Marie Troldborg has created a poem that is a reply to these images and the text once written. Graphically it is reminiscent of a mill wheel that keeps on turning.


The concert is supported by Dansk Komponistforening, Statens Kunstfond, KODA Kultur and Aarhus Kommune.