29.10.17 - Pneumaticks

- an inhalation and exhalation in four movements for winds, voices, strings and images.

PNEUMATICKS is a cinematic symphonic work about the source and unification of body and soul. In northern Uganda, at the source of the Nile, lives Leotissa Ayelango. She makes pots from two types of soil that exist on each side of her village, Nyaravur. Blending the soil with the water from the river, shaping it with small fragments of old pots and creating new ones. Her work happens in balance between earth, air, water and fire.
We follow her in real time, with the breath’s inhale, exhale and pauses like symphonic markers – on a cyclical journey, into the creation of a soul, a lung of air that contains a life. Her task is infinite. She unifies the elements. She creates constantly while she lives. With arduous effort and perfect ambition, she moves us around and shapes the world, like the source of life itself.

PNEUMATICKS, audio-visual work, 55 minutes.

Film: Day-for-night recordings = moonlight. Long shots follow 4 phases of the creation of a pot: Balanced soil walks the earth. Fertile earth, digs the soil. Fired earth gives birth. Hand polished dirt is mortal coil.

Music: Through-composed symphonic work in 4 movements for two cellos, tree singers and one bass clarinet, with individual elements of improvisation. The work is acoustic throughout, but also contains electronically manipulated sounds and effects.

The work is a result of close collaboration among the composers and visual artists.

Leo-tis-sa: The woman we follow and to whom the piece is dedicated.
Pû-ra-ka: The pause immediately after an inhalation.
Re-cha-ka: The pause immediately after an exhalation.
Kum-bha-ka: Cutting off a breathing cycle, independent of either in- or exhalation.
I-tu-ri: The North Eastern Region of Congo where Lake Albert and the Blue Mountains, are part of creating the southern beginning of the Nile.
Nya-ra-vur: A village situated in the North Western part of Uganda, where Leotissa has her workshop. Nyaravur is close to Lake Albert and borders the Ituri region.

Video: Ulrik Heltoft / Ann Sophie von Bülow
Music: Lil Lacy / Signe Lykke
Musicians: Katinka Fogh Vindelev (soprano), Laura Mayer (alto), Simon Rønne Rischel (baritone), Morten Lohmann Sønderskov Jensen (bass clarinet), Soma Allpass (cello) and Lil Lacy (cello)

At the performance in Musikhuset, Aarhus, on October 29th 2017, dancer Yael Gaathon will also perform.


Projektudvikling og støtte fra:

PNEUMATICKS er en del af Operation Salomon og Rethink Human Being.

Projektet er udviklet af kunstgruppen SUK og Projekt Respiration.

Støttet af CLICK, DMF, KODA, Statens Kunstfond, Dansk Komponist Forenings Produktionspulje og KODA´s Kulturelle Midler.

Samarbejdspartner: AUT – Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere