20.11.17 - Premiere of Lapses – electro-opera by Olga Szymula

Nomadic island and AUT – Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere presents:
Electro-opera Lapses by Olga Szymula

An Electro-opera ‘ Lapses’ * is an interdisciplinary piece for opera singers, performer and children’s choir – with elements of film, choreography and electronic music.
In “Lapses’ Olga Szymula intends to unite fascinations for structures of dreams, the phenomenon of memory and its behaviors and ultra-dramatic gestures.
The piece is inspired by and constructed from personal, real and unreal memories and dreams of the composer, in the piece, embodied through fictional characters of Lena, a Choir of 7 in Yellow Raincoats, an Emperor, a Man and a Shadow.
Libretto, in polish, english and danish, consists of fragments of political writings of the composer’s father, written between 1994 and 1997 in Poland and reduced to 3- letters words association game.
Audio-spacial-visual composition of ‘Lapses’ becomes a playground of memories and dreams of Lena.

‘Live fra skoven!-Spændende!’
Sonja, 10 år

Lena: Lina Ratkeviciute
Emperor/Man: Søren Krag
Shadow::Josef Gottlander
Sonja Dam
Lea Lund Clemens
Anine Aavik Brinch
Vera Guldager
Kathrine Bech
Karoline Krogh
Signe Qvist Villumsen

concept, music, film, stage- Olga Szymula

cinematography-Kaspar Peters
additional cameras: Søren Krag, Mathias Tornvig Christensen

video processing, graphic design,
sound on set, golden hand -E. Gudnason

art pedagog: Anna Thordal Pedersen

production: nomadic island in collaboration with AUT and DIEM

with support from Danish Composers´ Society´s Production Pool/KODA´s Cultural Funds, Aarhus Kommune and AUT

gratis entré
The performace takes place in Rytmisk Sal!
We are looking forward to see you there:)


* Lapse-
an accidental or temporary decline or deviation from an expected or accepted condition or state; a temporary falling or slipping from a previous standard:
a lapse of justice.
a slip or error, often of a trivial sort; failure:
a lapse of memory.
an interval or passage of time; elapsed period:
a lapse of ten minutes before the program resumed.
a moral fall, as from rectitude or virtue.
a fall or decline to a lower grade, condition, or degree; descent; regression:
a lapse into savagery.
the act of falling, slipping, sliding, etc., slowly or by degrees.
a falling into disuse.

more about the composer:

Olga Szymula is a composer, sound and performance artist.
Her works take forms in concerts, records, film scores, installations and performances.

‘By diving into the ocean of various intensities, qualities and forms she travels the sonic trip of twisted characters, imaginary landscapes and dramatic turns.’

In music her main intention is to explore the full spectrum of sound and its dynamics, intensities and qualities. She bends and plays around with music forms, combining playful melodies and songs with abstract forms and noises.